5 reasons why you should consider solar powered gates


5 reasons why you should consider solar powered gates

Solar power has had an astounding effect on all industries. Its increase in popularity has been rapid. The sun produces enough energy in one single day to run the worlds energy use for an entire year. Installing automated solar power gates can highlight a new way to help the eco-system and shows why so many people are changing to energy efficient processes.

So, what benefits are there to these systems?

  • They can be located anywhere. Their practicality extends beyond the automation factor. This leads to less work connecting cables to a viable power service, mitigating cable feeding.
  • Solar power gates offer less work and a return on investment over-time, outlining the financial benefits of having them installed.
  • Solar powered panels conduct energy from the sun wherever they are, and this makes them practical for rural locations and other remote destinations.
  • Tailored solar specification allows you to store power via a battery system. This can help save power and make the most out of available energy. This demonstrates the ingenuity that solar powered gates give your home or business.
  • Gates offer complete peace of mind, as it protects your property from burglars and trespassers. Securing your property is more important than ever, with an increase in the burglaries on the rise. Having a gate installed can act as a real deterrent for unwanted visitors and automated gates offer a complete solution to this issue.

Solar power is the way forward in terms of renewable energy. Using it for practical solutions such as gates is a great way to ‘do your bit’ for the environment. Solar radiation and related energy resources including wind and wave power, hydro and biomass make up 99.97% of the available renewable energy on Earth. This outlines why we should be taking advantage of it.

For an example of one of the solar powered gates The Westcountry Group has installed click here: https://westcountrygroup.co.uk/portfolio/solar-powered-security-gates-for-mod/

Or for more information click here: https://www.westcountrygates.co.uk/solar/

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