Securing Your Home


Securing Your Home

Home invasions and break-ins are a real issue that was reported over 650,000 times last year across England and Wales. Despite there being many incidents, there are also many ways to help deter burglary. Sometimes Alarms can be enough to scare off home invaders but there are many tips and tricks that can make your home that little bit safer.

Free solutions could include hiding boxes. A big TV box is a huge indicator of what’s inside and hiding it in the bottom of the bin will not give a burglar reason to take a closer look. Concealing the type of alarm system, you have by displaying a generic sticker can also be useful as it doesn’t give clues to the system you have. Instead of a “Protected by ADT” sticker being displayed, using a generic sticker will help hide the information on the type of alarm, which makes it harder to disable. No home is completely break-in proof but making your house a less attractive target by hiding pointers to objects inside and the type of protection systems you have, can be enough to make a burglary think twice.

More secure options that make intruders lives much harder are gates and fences. The benefit of an automated entry system is ease of use. This allows you to ensure that your gates are closed at all times when not in use. A closed gate will help keep your children and pet’s safe within the boundary of your property, and also act as a deterrent for unwanted visitors. Having a garage and a secure door will cover expensive items such as cars and the combination of a secure door and a sturdy gate makes it almost impossible for intruders to get away without notice.

Westcountry provides the best security solutions within the South-West and can provide peace of mind when it comes to unwanted intruders.

Are there any other solutions we’ve forgotten? We would love to know ideas and experiences with break-ins and different security measures within your home.

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